Fastrac K                                      Fastrac Belle

Fastrac K

  The Fastrac K is a clone of the Original Trachorn horn developed specifically for the Klipschorn. The reason it took so long for me to develop the model K is that I did not want to compete with Martinelli and ALK's Trachorn. Now that Martinelli no longer has time to build the Trachorn, I was given the oportunity produce a substitute for the long time reigning favorite "ALK Trachorn".

  The Fastrac K is built using the same tecniques as my other horns. The Fastrac K will come with the round to square

 Fastrac Contour adapter as requested by Al Klappenberger to extend the high frequency performance.

  The picture in the lower right hand corner is a comparison of the Fastrac K to the Original ALK Trachorn.

From the graphs you can see the horns perform equally well and very similar overall.