Eliptrac 400

The Eliptrac 400 is a pure Tractrix horn designed specifically for the Klipshorn.

The Eliptrac is product of the combined resources of ALK Engineering and Fastlane Audio.

The Eliptrac was designed to reduce discontinuities present in rectangular Tractrix horns.

The Elliptical shape vs. conventional round horns was obviously chosen to achieve the goal of

having a smooth transition horn that could Fit in the K-Horn top hat and still retain a 300Hz cutoff frequency.

Benefits of Eliptrac design.

1. Controls vertical dispersion, which reduces energy reflected from the floor and ceiling.

2. Minimal horizontal restriction at the throat, improves imaging over conventional designs.

3. Smooth continuous transition limits reflections and high order modes often present in horns that use a rectangular cross section.

I am please to report, the Eliptrac outperforms the Edgar style horns-

- in both frequency extension on and off axis as predicted.