Step 7. Using wood glue and the supplied dowel pins, finish assembling the three horn sections, at this point, you need to either clamp the horn sections together while it dries, or flip the horn over and brad nail from behind to hold the sections in place while the glue dries.

 Step 8. Now that your horn is fully assembled, I reccomend hand sanding against the rings from the mouth of the horn down the throat, this is the most difficult and time consuming part of the job, I expect the sanding will take between 2 and 4 hours to complete depending on previous woodworing experiance. Reccomend start with 40 grit and work your way to 80 grit for this section of the build.

Step 9. After your horn is sanded to your satisfaction, use a good quality sandable primer to prep for paint. Tip: Brush on MINWAX - oil modified polyurethane to the back of the horn as well as the horn mouth and throat.  Applying this to the front and back of the horn will increase durability, it  dries incredibly fast, it covers and seals better then spray on primers and sands to a powder.  Following this step. I sand with 120 grit paper then use Krylon painters choice spray on primer.

Note, do not apply sealer to the motor mount as it may be very difficult to remove.

Step 10. Time for paint, I like to use Rustoleum fine textured paint to finish the horns.

Before you decide to purchase a Kit horn, you need to understand, these can be a lot of work to the inexperience woodworker. I will not be repairing and or assembling the kit should you decide not to complete it, or if is inadvertently assembled incorrectly, damaged, etc. during the building process. If you do not have the experience to complete this project, I recommend you opt for the finished product.


  This Kit takes approximately 4-8 hours to assemble depending on experience. You wil need a brad nailer, or large wood clamps, 40 and 80 and 120 grit sandpaper, misceleaneous hand tools, rat tail file, and wood glue to complete this horn.

  Follow these instructions for assembling the Eliptrac 400 Kit #1.

  Step 1. inspect all pieces, use fine sandpaper to clean up any rough edges.

  Step 2. Apply glue and insert the alignment doweles in the motor mount.

  Note: The motor mount, is now pre-assembled for you.

   Step 3. assemble sections 1-4 applying glue and brad nails between layers.

   Do not glue the motor mount to horn sections 1-4

 Step 4. Assemble sections 5-9. Notice, the use of the 1/4 inch bolts to align the sections.

Note, included dowel pins are also used as a guide.

Step 5. Assemble the remaining sections 10-13, the finised assemblies should look like this.

  Step 6. Using a rat tail file, knock down the layers to simplify the sanding process.

Do not file the cut lines all the way out with the file, this should be done in the finish stages.

Note, do not file or sand from the throat of the horn, always sand from the mouth.

Tip: 36-40 grit sand paper takes down ring layers quickly.

Eliptrac 240/400 assembly instrucions.